Yet another boring class 

Here I have another tale to tell.

It’s actually quite boring.

Another class in Algebra and I glanced over towards my left side and a boy shorter than me was staring at me.

I mouthed “what?”

And then he looked at another kid and back to me. 

He did that a couple of times.

The the friend that sits next to me says, oh he’s probably trying to say,” xxxx” likes you!

And I was like ha you must be joking.

He kept on doing that all throughout class I was so confused.

When class ended, I asked the him why he kept looking at me and this other kid.

He said,” I was just trying to confuse you,” and then, ” I was about to say ‘xxxx’ likes you that would have really confused you.”

And then came my friends teasing time.

There is this small little white lie I tell, and it’s that she has a shrine for all the guys she likes with candles and rose petals.

Just to freak the guys out, even though she really doesn’t like them.

I’m a shitty friend and she tolerates so much. 


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