That One Class

I hate math class.

I’m in honors algebra 2.

I look to my right and I see the window.

Just by looking outside I can smell the freshly cut grass.

When it rains I can just smell the rain against the asphalt. 

I look to my left and I see my friend of 3 years now. 

She tolerates me to such an extent that I’m surprised.

Today I played a dirty trick.

I feel really guilty about it too, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.

It was near the end of class.

We just learned lessons 1&2 of chapter 6.

She was putting away her stuff and began to bring out her water bottle.

That’s when a thought came to my head. 

A terrible thought, but deliciously delectable.

It’s so childish I cringe.

When she began to lift her water bottles to drink from.

A brand new unopened water bottle. 

I couldn’t stop myself.

I tipped her water bottle, spilling its contents onto her,the floor, and the school desk.

She was about to scream.

I couldn’t help it.

I told her to shut up, and processed to grab tissues to wipe the evidence.

The water made it appears as if she wet herself.

It was hilarious.

Luckily for her she didn’t have me in her next/last period of the day.

She’s like my best friend and she tolerates me better than anyone.


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