My father is a hypocrite.

He complains about everything and anything and he is never happy.

All he does is complain and complain while my mother endures all this. 

My mother works so hard, has two jobs and doesn’t even show fatigue. 

He complains about how his life was so hard when he was younger.

Yet honestly I’m sick of listening to the same stories.

“Are you giving me an attitude?”

He wants to have no emotion whatsoever and always be happy.

He punched trees to relief his “tantrums.”

I have to plaster a smile to make him happy.

I honestly think that he’s secretly a women who his on his period all the time.

His emotions change so quickly and it annoys me.

One moment he’ll be breaking and punching walls, and the next he’ll be hugging us.

He really had a problem.

I’m scared that my family might break apart.

Deep inside I know that if my mom were to leave my father wouldn’t give two shits about me or my sister. 

God forbid that to happen any time soon.

But I am greatful to him.

He was there a few times when I needed him, even if he acted like he doesn’t want to be there.

He called out to go to a silly graduation for me even though he would rather be working.

He cooks delicious food.

He even has a hilarious sense of humor.

I inherited his sarcasm. 

I don’t hate my dad.

The good out weighs that bad.

I’m just glad I have a father, regardless of the heartbreak he cause my mother.

Some kids don’t have fathers, or parents at all, or if they do some of those kids are being abused.

I’m glad I’m not. I’m happy with what I have. 

I love my family.


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